Learn how to improve your health and increase recovery time from illness and surgery while reducing stagnation, inflammation, bloating, future swelling, and stress through a multifaceted holistic approach.

In my virtual sessions, I provide education on the function and anatomy of your lymphatic system and guide you on how to optimize and embody it. Drawing upon my extensive background in Manual Lymphatic Drainage, Yoga Therapy, Energy Healing, Cranial Sacral Therapy, and Bodywork, I offer a comprehensive approach.

During your session, I will listen to your needs and health goals, providing personalized lifestyle and nutritional support. I will teach you simple and effective Manual Lymphatic Drainage techniques, incorporating movement, self-massage, breathing techniques, Yoga, stress reduction methods, and dry skin brushing. My sessions are focused on finding solutions tailored to you.

Holistic Lymphatic Therapy (HLT) is a powerful therapy that integrates various modalities to improve and access inner healing and lymphatic function. By understanding and listening to your lymphatic system and fluid body, HLT promotes a calming and restorative experience, potentially reducing your reliance on hands-on Lymphatic Drainage techniques.

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$260 per 1 hour session via ZOOM.