Meet Sarah

Sarah is a mother, wife, teacher, yogi, world traveler, currently living in remote Yelapa, Mexico.

Sarah has always held a deep passion and affection for health, healing, and various movement modalities. During her teenage years, she dedicated countless hours to studying under the guidance of Master Herbalists, including Brigette Mars and Michael Moore. As her 8-year dance career came to a close, she was introduced to Yoga, which sparked a newfound appreciation for turning inward and the mindfulness it brought to her body and mind. This discovery led her on a transformative two-year journey to India, where she immersed herself in studying with Sri K Pattabhi Jois in the Ashtanga Yoga lineage, an experience that has remained an integral part of her life for over 20 years.

Around a decade ago, she encountered a rare and powerful modality of healing through the Lymphatic system. Motivated to deepen her expertise, she completed an extensive Manual Lymphatic Drainage therapist program in Canada, at the esteemed Dr. Vodder School - International. From that point on, she diligently wove together the disciplines of Yoga, Holistic health practices, and Lymphatic therapy, creating a unique and holistic practice known as Holistic Lymphatic Therapy. This comprehensive approach has become the foundation of her teachings, which she shares through private sessions, Yoga classes, and transformative retreats. Her offerings provide an immersive exploration of the Lymphatic system, and her Holistic approach incorporates Manual Lymphatic Drainage, nutrition, Yoga, Somatic practices, Energy work, and Clinical Wellness therapy.

She considers it a great honor and a source of joy to be a part of her clients' wellness journeys, guiding them towards a more balanced and harmonious state of being.

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Currently available in Yelapa, Mexico.
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Online Holistic Lymphatic Therapy
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Each customized session includes guided self lymphatic drainage.
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HLT Mentoring
Available online and in person for those wanting to be Holistic Lymphatic Therapists.
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HLT is an advanced manual therapy that increases immunity and down regulates the nervous system.

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